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Riobolo in Florencia en el Amazonas - Pittsburgh Opera

Nov. 11 2019: "A large task has been given to the role of Riolobo, the magical and mystically benign force protecting the travelers through various dangers. A more perfect fit for the role than baritone Craig Verm is hard to imagine, and whether he was seated, standing, going through interpretative dance-styled gyrations or suspended in mid-air high above the stage, his powerfully pure voice and adept acting skills were rewarded vociferously at the final curtain. " -George B. Parous, Pittsburgh in the Round

Don Giovanni - Pittsburgh Opera

Oct 17, 2019: "The vibrant baritone who plays the Don Giovanni, Craig Verm, earns both the admiration and disgust of the audience, just as he does with his many “conquests.” A very talented performer all around, it is very apparent that Verm is well-equipped to take on such a complex, daunting role. His voice has an amazing quality that carries throughout the entire theater." - Hanna Boucher, The Duquesne Duke

Don Giovanni - Pittsburgh Opera

Oct.14, 2019: "Craig Verm, in the title role, hit the character’s bull’s-eye, both vocally and pictorially. He brought out the best and worst Giovanni requires, and by never overdoing either, he allowed the listener to love to hate him from his first scene to the last." -George B. Parous, Pittsburgh in the Round

Haly in L'Italiana in Algeri - Santa Fe Opera

Aug. 5, 2018: "Craig Verm clearly relished his hijinks (and low jinks) as a highly excitable Haly. Mr. Verm is possessed of one of the finest, most mellifluous baritones of his generation and his pronouncements rang out with great presence in the house. His generous rendition of Haly’s aria was one of the evening’s many highlights. But he is also not afraid of coloring his fine voice in service of the comedy and his obvious enjoyment of his assignment is infectious." -James Sohre,

Don Giovanni - Dallas Opera

Apr. 27, 2018: "Craig Verm, who possesses an appealing lyric baritone, portrayed Don Giovanni as a strategically charming, lethally self-absorbed sexual predator.

"One can spend an entire career plumbing the dimensions of Mozart’s notorious antihero, yet Verm succeeded in the daunting assignment of replacing a seasoned superstar on short notice with his own credible realization of the iconic character.

"This is the fourth performance I have reviewed by Craig Verm this year, including one performance as Guglielmo and two as Claudio. Verm, demonstrating skill in the demanding vocal styles of both Mozart and Berlioz, appears in the early stages of an important international career." -William Burnett, OperaWarHorses

Don Giovanni - Dallas Opera

Apr. 20, 2018: "Disappointment was soon banished, though, by a gutsy portrayal of the role, richly sung, by Craig Verm. (He had been booked as the production's Masetto, and as understudy for Giovanni.) He certainly embodied the Don's manipulative narcissism, with a sadistic streak, a gym-toned torso adding to his magnetism...with a warm, well-controlled baritone, he could be a next great Don for our day." - Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

Don Giovanni - Dallas Opera

Apr. 15, 2018: "However, any lingering disappointment of not seeing Kwiecien, one of the great Don Giovannis of our time, soon faded as Verm showed his mastery of the role. Vocally, he was superb and his characterization accented Giovanni’s youthfulness and careless assessment of the damage he is causing in the lives of the thousands of women, and their families, that he so casually seduces." Gregory Sullivan Isaac,

Don Giovanni - Dallas Opera

Apr. 14, 2018: "Giovanni was played on opening night not by the marquee star, Mariusz Kwiecien, but by a last-minute replacement, baritone Craig Verm. Verm had been cast in the much smaller role of Masetto, but he stepped into the leading role with authority, fine voice, charisma… and a damned sexy mien. Everyone is pretty much beautiful here - and even better, can act the pantaloons off their parts. Verm is amazing." -Arnold Wayne Jones,  Dallas Voice

Claudio in  Béatrice et Bénédict - Seattle Opera

Feb 24, 2018: "Craig Verm sang Claudio with a handsome baritone and delivered dialogue expertly.." -Opera News (May online issue)

Tancredi and Daniel - Philadelphia's O17

Sep. 19, 2017: "Craig Verm has a potent presence as Tancredi, his virile baritone burning up the confines of the small room." 
"Mr. Verm is achingly vulnerable [as Sorrel's husband Daniel]...the care and anguish and frustration palpable in his honeyed baritone." -James Sohre,

Billy Budd - Des Moines Metro Opera

Jul. 13, 2017: "Craig Verm was first a playful, then a powerful Billy Budd. Mr. Verm possesses a burnished, rolling baritone that has a particularly inviting timbre. He also has such a vibrant, handsome, guileless presence that “Oh, beauty, handsomeness, goodness" is an understatement. From his first, naïvely eager statements, through his affecting bouts of stammering, to his exultant "king of the world" arioso perched on the rope ladder, to his gradual disbelieving betrayal and assumption of a tragic stature, Craig was every moment the star vocal and theatrical presence that galvanized the performance.

"He had the audience in the palm of his hand the entire opera. When he is falsely accused, and cannot answer the charge owing to his stammer, patrons actually leaned forward in their seats, wishing they could help him. When he desperately pleaded with Captain Vere to “save him," I wish I had had the Kleenex concession. His final prison monologue was heart just won’t see a finer Budd than that on view from Craig Verm." -James Sohre,

Billy Budd - Des Moines Metro Opera

Jul. 13, 2017: "Even so, the Pittsburgh baritone Craig Verm bursts into the title role like a ray of sunshine, radiating a lively warmth that makes his eventual downfall all the more tragic. He sings with such obvious joy and, in the end, such anguish that your own heart can’t help but rise and sink along with his." -Michael Morain, dsm magazine

Billy Budd - Des Moines Metro Opera

Jul. 11, 2017: "The strong baritone voice, strapping physique and winning stage presence of Craig Verm created a sympathetic Billy." -John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

Friedrich Bhaer in Little Women - Madison Opera

Feb. 8, 2016: "I could have listened to Craig Verm, who sang the role of Friederich Bhaer, for hours." - William R. Wineke, WISC-TV

Friedrich Bhaer in Little Women - Madison Opera

Feb. 6, 2016: "And as the German teacher Friedrich Bhaer, Craig Verm exhibits remarkable vocal prowess in several brief scenes in Act II. Serenading Jo in his native language, Verm’s gorgeous warm baritone fills the theater while introducing Jo to new authors and new possibilities for her life. (His joke about supertitles in operas also endeared him to the audience.)" - Gwen Rice, The Cap Times

George in Of Mice and Men - Tulsa Opera

Apr. 10, 2015: "Verm handles this role with aplomb, his robust baritone bringing an almost heroic air to George’s outbursts of anger and frustration, as well as a honeyed sweetness when George allows himself to believe that the dream of a farm of his own might just be within his reach. And the way Verm handles the final scene is heartbreaking." - James D. Watts Jr.,  Tulsa World

Onegin - Aspen Opera Theater

Jul. 14, 2014: "Tall and slender, he appeared as the very personification of Onegin. ... Vocally, his baritone remained assured and attractive." - Opera News (October, online issue)

Pagageno - Pittsburgh Opera

Jan. 8, 2014: "Craig Verm...with enormous comic flair, made the evening's most vivid impression as a Papageno full of life and energy. Moving with athleticism and migging with unashamed glee, he used his light, lithe baritone to advance the character's satisfaction with his self-admitted human foibles. His Act I duet with Pamina was one of the evening's most touching moments, while his duet with Papagena was at once funny and appropriately sensual." - Opera News (February, online issue)

Papageno - Pittsburgh  Opera

Nov. 16, 2013: "Craig Verm, as the trickster-like Papageno, stole the show, if you ask me. His singing was superb and his comic acting really hit the spot."

Papageno - Pittsburgh Opera

Nov. 10, 2013: "Baritone Craig Verm played an appropriately dopey Papageno. He had facility and ease with his body and voice, effectively delivering physical comedy throughout. Despite the humor, he buckled down for serious singing that...was strong." -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mercutio in Romeo et Juliette - Des Moines Metro Opera

July 8, 2013: "Craig Verm’s strapping Mercutio threatened to dominate his every scene, his throbbing baritone powerfully utilized to entertain us mightily with a winning Queen Mab aria. Mr. Verm totally immerses himself in the drama..." -Opera Today

Werther - Lyric Opera of Chicago

Feb. 14, 2013: "In his Lyric Opera debut, Craig Verm displayed an arrestingly vibrant baritone and made good capital of the enhanced dramatic opportunity afforded him as Albert." -Opera News

Papageno - Ash Lawn Opera

July 23, 2012: "...and yummiliscious Craig Verm’s Papageno. Verm so obviously loves what he does for a living it simply exudes that energy in his performance making it clear that he is not only a fabulous singer but a crowd pleasing actor as well. He could easily have a career in film, television, radio (but that would be a waste of his good looks) or stage (dramatic or musical theater)."

Miller - Gotham Chamber Opera

OCT. 6, 2010: "As the Miller, Craig Verm offered a prime example of what music buffs call a "barihunk," a grand opera voice in a soap opera body." -James Jordan, The New York Post

Tom Joad - Pittsburgh Opera

Nov. 15, 2008: Among the men, baritone Craig Verm's Tom Joad combined Broadway leading-man looks with a voice in the Alfred Drake-John Raitt tradition. -Opera News

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